Censorship All Over Again

Recently graduating from a college granted to be of the least prestigious in actuality, yet high reputable in name, I have gleaned the airs of a debutante and debt of a national government. Yet, also I have stepped into the world, full gear and unemployed. At least the potential exists in high gear, and I need not fear the recession- I have nothing to lose.

Upon such a monumental event at the “tender” age of 19, I would expect myself to dive into a rose garden of optimistic fervor and naive sentimentality. The world awaits in great willingness to share its knowledge with me while I verbosely engage in the expulsion of my own thoughts. People want to share opinions. They want to undertake in dialectics and reach dissent with the hopes of improvement. The world desires to shed ignorance in light of new ideas and energy. Maybe if I went to Harvard, carelessly lounging in enlightenment from Mommy and Daddy’s money, I could remain such naivete.

My main intentions in the most unwelcomed return to the land of Xanga exists in the sheer desperation (or should I say, great alleviation) from the other online media of censorship by Big Brother (ie self-involved, ego-sporting moderators of the forumns) and by the self-censorship of human readers hide behind the transparent layer of their thin skins, with no other intentions than to ride the coast. I would much rather rock the boat. And so I return… with but one message.