Years fly by as my opinion is spared on the pages of this blog. Since beginnings, everyone blogs now. Bitter celebrities, illiterate stars, bored people in the house and the corporate chambers of America (who at least have been kept from the personals and porn, if only temporarily). I’m drawn back to write for the release, in a world that has changed. Maybe I’m just changing… faster than ever anticipated, wondering who will keep up… and who will fade away.

Keep overthinking and functioning or the ones who pledged will become the ones who deny life. Or food. Nightmares rage as Terri Schiavo wastes away, but like in Rome they will boast their power and watch her fight. The big battles we are spared… Rome keeps them quiet until they can dispel no longer. If there is a universal consciousness, it’s become to heavy… and the seas are rising to show us.

i’d just like to secure a square about four by ten feet on a carolina shore in the end of july. Let every day be like the last days in July, before the storms come. With Twizzlers and cherries, and Irving and Conroy before my eyes… Joni singing in my ears with her haunting voice. I’ll share with a seagull… but no more than two. And I’ll watch the days of my past and the dreams of my future blow along the horizon. Dreams of peace, prayers of tomorrow that are always answered.