Birthday Celebrations

I’ve always been an instigator and because my father threatened to sue me should I post his likeness on any of my websites, I had to take the bait. I’d imagine most people included in this video would kick my ass, but the intentions were noble. I just want to make my sister laugh. In this video, I cackle and snicker a lot. The end probably would’ve been more rewarding if my head wasn’t blocking the glorified ass poster that hangs on my wall.

My birthday is next week and I’m dreading it… I’ve yet to decide what I’m going to do. One of my agencies called today to ask if I’d be a Flavourette again- you know, dress up in a go-go costume, inhale enough cigar smoke to shorten my life expectancy by twenty years, and be groped and hit on by the nation’s nastiest. Maybe I’ll just light some incense, blast some Fleetwood Mac, and drink a bottle of Shiraz. Oh wait… that’s like everyday, with just a heightened Shiraz intake.

But this isn’t about me. This is about my sis, Tiffy Poo! Have a good one, my dear!


Yesterday I was in a local television studio and recorded six  tracks for the show “Different Voices,” hosted by Poet Minor.  She was especially welcoming and her team was  incredible warm, funny, and supportive. I look forward to sharing clips and more info about the airdates soon (for those of you in NYC).

I booked my trip to South by Southwest and cannot wait to go, but also on the agenda for the year… Vegas. Oprah may have passed on me and my Bette or Bust partner-in-crime to be on the show, so I’m heading over to Ellen. It figures Oprah would’ve chosen a girl who’s saving trees, parks, and ivy-league educated.

“Looking Glass” At The New Casio

I wrote this song a few years ago, and as my television somehow landed onto Fox tonight, muted as the vapid commercialism reflected hues of blue and green through my apartment, I thought I’d post a new video as a minor retaliation against the show. Homegrown and as authentic as I can be. When I wrote this song I had two beautiful Bordeaux wine glasses, both sitting on my floor after I said goodbye to this chap I had fallen so deeply for. I left him at the subway, came home and balled my eyes out and wrote this song. After the song was done, I picked up the glasses and washed them and accidentally tapped his used glass into my faucet. It shattered into a thousand bits and pieces and I took it as an omen that was soon fulfilled. Since then, my last blog about this inspired an awesome woman to hand paint glasses for me that read “Star” and “Fan” and they’ve been my glasses of choice ever since.

No more American Idol (even if on “mute”) for me. That show has seen it’s day. And here, my first video at the new Casio.

Weekend In New England

I’ve been across and up and down the interstates of this country dozens of times. However, it’s been at least two years since I took a roadtrip by myself and it was long overdue. I made it back from New England yesterday with a surprise visit to my parents.

In light of my newly cemented adoration for New England, I’ve included a few images. In order to celebrate in my own way on the dreadful day that is for valentines and mush, I’m releasing my latest single, “The Vineyard.” I’ll post it here and on It’s really exciting… and addresses my general V-day status of longing for love and distaste for winter- timed perfectly for release.

Stay tuned… sometimes the road just calls (although, my brother totalled his car yesterday in a head-on collision, and my mother crashed hers today. It makes me feel glad for my reliance on public transportation!).

Manifesting Travel and Rock

I’m starting to be ambitious in pursuit of travel- so here are all the
adventures I’d like to take this year- for my spiritual growth, and for
my own efforts as a rockstar.

1. South by Southwest- Austin, TX March 12-16th.
2. Hawaii (definitely visiting a friend there soon).
3. Bonaroo- June 12-15th, Manchester, TN
4. Newport Folk Festival~ August 3rd-5th
5. Las Vegas- to catch Bette’s run at Caesar’s
6. Coachella Music Festival
7. Burning Man

And- 8. A two-week tour of venues TBA.

We’ll see how it goes, and what gets crossed of my list this year! I need some new travel partners.

Dreams Are Funny Things

I have no idea how these candidates for President do it. I’ve been on the treadmill of life this week, not enough sleep, too much work and fried to the core. Tomorrow is the last day of marathon days and a glass of Merlot is bringing me down to hopefully sleep tonight.

Dreams. Funny things. Expect fragments and broken statements as eloquence bites the dust tonight.

Some moments so true, visions so grand that I cling to them… even if they’re meant for the past; meant to be left behind. Somehow they create these crossroads, these turns, meant to make a change in life. Yet I find myself suffocating the memory, attempting a reenactment. Not enough glitter on the road that runs backwards. I’m drawn to things that sparkle, especially when I’m sleep deprived.

With a friend, on a special Halloween night, a dream came true. Captured in pixels. An oversized, black latex balloon tied to my wrist, another one to hers. Outside the golden and grand Waldorf, she let hers go into the illuminated sky. I held onto mine, all the way uptown… a year and days passed as this black, shriveling balloon remained in the corner of my apartment beneath a chair. I hold onto things. My memory is cruel, my attention to details blinding. The highs so vivid and bright as I romanticize and paint over the red flags and dark details of the past.

And even when love seems impossible, when the twinge of intuition bites through my ribcage with a song of abandonment, my hope prevails. The light of hope can be blinding, sometimes bordering on denial… enter my blindspots, my life of revolving doors, and the canvas for new songs. I’d imagine, this is what it truly is like… to be chained by dreams.