Pearls! Pearls!

Melodramatic and heart broken as a teenager, I was cast in the role of Fruma Sarah in “Fiddler on the Roof.” I had one scene but it was a blast and I was paired against the teenage boy who had caused such heartache. Resurrected from the dead and screaming for my lost pearls, I jumped around in platform boots and ethereal garb and strangled the poor bastard as he did his best to stay in the character of Tevye. It was one of those times where karma did well with me.

I think I’ve kept up with the melodrama, as a decade later I recently uncovered plastic pearls in my freezer. In a moment of heartache last winter, I clung to them after holiday festivities because the dude I was enamored with had bestowed them upon me and then said he never wanted to be with me in that way again. To be noted, the pearls were plastic and simply a holiday novelty but they smelled of his cologne. My cynicism being well balanced with sentimentality and not knowing how to “save” this relationship, I threw the pearls in the freezer and adorned my fridge with a post-it inscribed with the words, “Love on ice.”

This afternoon, having fully moved on months and months ago I recovered these pearls. The haunting vocals from “Fiddler” echoed in my mind, “Pearls! Pearls!”

My “love on ice” has now defrosted into “love in the trash.” I feel so much better… and look forward to the song inspired by my pearls.


Summer Fun

    I’ve been lazy in writing, or rather busy with living. I’ve spent half my time out of town for work and play and the other half in the city with visiting friends and family. Life is good. I spent this past weekend in two places I’ve been yearning to see for the past five years- Lilydale and Niagara Falls. I absolutely hope to get back there soon. Lilydale is a gated town formed by an assembly of Spiritualists and mediums. I managed to attend a group meeting at the “Inspiration Stump” and wander through the Fairy Forest. Unfortunately the trip was so rushed I didn’t get to schedule a private reading with a medium, but I do hope to next time I’m around. It was a great chance to connect with my grandmother, the energy of the town is filled with spirits and spiritual people yearning to learn and listen and communicate beyond the world of form. I even managed to convince my self-proclaimed, right-wing dad to have a little bit of fun.

I also made it to Niagara Falls, where I’d love to go back on a romantic outing, watching the falls at night and enjoying the wineries by day. I’m madly in love with Niagara Falls. The trip was rather busy and with limitations on outings, but it was the perfect summer getaway. Most importantly, I managed to survive three days spent in a car with the folks. More photos from this adventure are available at

On another positive note, work is continuing in the studio and some new songs will be available in the coming months.

As a hot rockstar, who resembles Joni Mitchell more each passing year, once said… “You never slow down, you never grow old.”

What I’m Listening To…

This is one of the most exciting times for singer-songwriters (especially the ladies). Two of my current albums on repeat- Adele’s “19” and Jessie Baylin’s “Firesight.” Check out “Tennessee Gem” if you miss the melodic, haunting voice of Karen Carpenter because Jessie Baylin conjures her spirit in this track.

 “Right as Rain” is my favourite track on Adele’s album and inspired the melodies behind a song I’m working on now.. Raw, natural, jazzy, and completely devoid of overly photo-shopped, fake-baked, and plasticized imagery, Adele is part of the resurgence of soulful music driven by talent over pristine packaging and excessive pitch fixing.