Check Out The B-T-S For “Sweet Clarity”

Yes, the “behind the scenes” (b-t-s) and not the “b-s” for “Sweet Clarity.” My website ( has been updated and here’s a sneak preview for the upcoming EP, “Sweet Clarity.” Yay. Feel the excitement rising in your veins for being exposed to this exclusive montage. Okay, it’s not that exclusive or sneaky. I’m fully clothed and held out on “accidentally” releasing a sex-tape to increase my popularity. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, Paris.

In “The Gawker”

That Hamilton Nolan is one cool dude. I’m willing to bet he even smells good. At the very least, I appreciate his article, as it gives a more fair mention of me than the NY Times did. Yes, I am more than a blindfolded gal who sniffs dates randomly on a night out in Manhattan. Surprising, I know. Just when I thought I had exhausted all unconventional ways to find a date, a new week brings a new opportunity. If only more men could describe me as gracious.

Thanks, Mr. Nolan. You rock.