Official Video for “Something Deep”!

Yay! At last, the official video for “Something Deep” is available for all your viewing pleasure. From my “Bette or Bust” days, at the age of 17, my partner-in-crime, Stephanie Webster and I had an idea for a variety show. We were going to take the entertainment industry by storm. In this time we gathered our “wardrobe” for our variety show from various thrift stores (clearly Bob Mackie wasn’t in our budget). Flash forward to years later, when Stephanie and I were brainstorming about a video idea for “Something Deep” and she mentioned the perfect red dress for the shoot. I completely forgot about our wardrobe purchases and had never even tried them on, but she took out this vintage dress and it fit perfectly. The dress is the real star in this video. I just did a lot of running and lip syncing. Please feel free to share with your friends and spread the video around.